Pnw Mountain Engagement Session

I met up with Jon + Megan in downtown Portland. After meeting their sweet cat (who loves to go on walks with them near their apartment), we grabbed some Chipotle and headed for the Gorge. We listened to music and they had me laughing the entire way there. I had never been to this location before, but megan told me she used to come here about once a week to watch the sunset from up there. I trusted them and I'm so glad I did. 
They're both climbers, so the idea of descending over the fence and down the rocky terrain was no biggy for them. We laughed as a bunch of "instagram bros" screamed as they watched us go over the edge- they clearly didn't know there was more rocks below. The lookout point was just breathtaking and honestly these photos don't do it justice. There are 6 mountains you can see from this point and it makes it absolutely surreal. The trees go on as far as the eye can see. They bundled up in their blanket and looked at the valley below us. We headed back to the car, stopping along the way to explore.