Horseshoe Bend Elopement

These two found me through a mutual friend (Which is probably why we felt like besties as soon as we got to talking!). We were immediately making “thats what she said” jokes and The Office references. They live in Phoenix but we decided to go somewhere they had never been before- Horseshoe Bend. The road to Horseshoe Lookout was under construction so we had to take a shuttle to the site. Boarding a public bus in a wedding dress wasn’t part of the plan, but thats what makes me so excited about elopements. Their day is always filled with small detours - not the strict timeline of a wedding.

Their elopement was 100% them. Starbucks, Girl Scout Cookies, and all white Nikes. We spent the whole day laughing and making them spin around/jump/run whatever! These two are so freaking. in. love. As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly interacting with couples. I have a pretty good radar as to how a couple really truly feels about each-other. They were so sweet, constantly sneaking kisses and whispering jokes in each-others ears. They told me that they totally trusted me with the photos, and it allowed me to be creative in anyway I wanted. I love these two so much and can’t wait till I get to see them again!

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