Heyo -I’m Hannah!

I’m so freaking excited that you’re here. It means you do things a little different.

Your wedding day matters. I don’t care what your dream wedding is- whether its an intimate wedding in the mountains, or just the two of you cliffside, I want it to be your dream wedding- not anyone else’s. Not your moms, or your aunts, or your best friends- its yours. and it should be exactly what YOU want.

To give you a little back story to my photography, I started with taking travel photos. I traveled the 50 states as soon as I turned 18 and took a carry on and a camera with me. Then I started photographing couples- and I loved it. Bringing travel and couple photography together is what really set my soul on fire. Exploring new places and trying new things with couples who are making the biggest commitment in their life is the best thing in the world.

Here’s the thing; I want to help you create an experience. To build a day full of intention and purpose. So often, weddings can start to feel like productions and your connection to each other gets lost in that. If your heart longs for a little adventure and getting your hiking boots dirty, lets start planning!


Think we’re a good fit?