How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

You’re engaged!!!! You’ve been waiting for this moment forever now (I mean, they FINALLY asked!). But now you’re starting to stress because you haven’t ever had professional photos taken. Or maybe you’ve had photos taken in the past, but you didn’t have a great experience. You felt stiff and posed the entire time. Don’t worry! Here’s some of my best tips to help you guys have a fun and exciting experience!




Pick out a spot that has ‘you’ written all over it. To me, I think there are two different types of locations to consider. I recommend picking out a location that is already special to you. Did you guys go hike somewhere special on one of your first dates? Did they propose in a national park? It can be such a sweet way to incorporate apart of your story in your engagement photos! Or you can pick out a place you’ve been dying to explore! Check somewhere off your bucket list! This is the perfect excuse to create new memories somewhere you’ve never been!



Nothing causes tension like feeling rushed. Try to get everything checked off your list so you can spend the morning of or day before just spending time together. You don’t want to be rushing to get your outfits planned or running out of gas on the way there. Feeling connected can make a huge difference in your vibe during your session. Turn your devices off, spend some quality time together and reconnect. Consider planning out a special date night that you’ll both enjoy!



Afraid of awkward silence? Make a Spotify playlist with all your favorite songs! If you know a certain song will bring you to tears, or make your partner dance like a wild person, add it to the queue! I personally always bring a portable speaker to my engagement sessions, but ask if your photographer does! If not, bring your own and jam out!



Not sure what to wear at your engagement session? Try to coordinate your outfits. Pick out a neutral color palette that works well together and try to keep patterns to a minimum. Patterns can be distracting and you want the focus to be on you and your love! Not sure if you should wear something? Throw it all in a bag and ask your photographer to pick out what they think will look best! Heres a mood board of outfit inspo for your photos!



There are so many ways to make your engagement session special! Consider writing each other love notes that you can read to each other, surprise them with a meaningful gift or weekend get away. Use each others love languages to make the other person feel special. (If you aren’t sure what love languages are, check out this article to figure it out! Capturing your love is what this day is about! So make sure your partner feels loved and appreciated (all the time) but especially at your engagement session!



Act like you like each other! Haha, okay- you obviously love the person you’re marrying. Don’t be shy about a little PDA. Trust me, your photographer doesn’t mind it if you guys are smothering each other. Even if its just a hand hold, don’t be afraid to get close to each other. Try to relax and forget the camera is there.

At the end of the day, relax and enjoy the time you have together during your session! Your photos are going to look amazing because they’re of you and your love.

But Real quick, a Little about me. 


Hi guys! I’m Hannah!

I’m an elopement + couples photographer based out of Portland Oregon. I just got engaged to my high school sweetheart and I’m pretty much obsessed with my two cats- Ash + Basil.

My love for travel brought me to photography. My favorite part of travel is the people. Connecting with others and learning their stories is the thing I’m most passionate about + photography allows me to do that.