Kaylee + Keenan

This entire wedding would not have happened without Nintendo. Kaylee and Keenan met at his cousins wedding. They hit it off and spent the next couple days playing Super Mario Kart. Kaylee flew back to Australia and Keenan went back to Oregon. They spent the next couple months Face-timing and calling each other constantly. Eventually, they got engaged and Kaylee moved to Oregon to be with Keenan. Its important to note that they got multiple Nintendo switches as wedding presents.

Their day was full of intention and love. Their family and friends prayed over them as they got ready to say their vows. It was both one of the most moving weddings I’ve ever been to, but also one of the funniest weddings. Both of them are lovers of sarcasm and dad jokes. They were able to make me laugh and cry in the same day. The night ended with a Finnish toss- a long held tradition on the groom’s side of the family. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bride tossed so high.